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Focusing on providing plants, herbs, and extracts with shamanic history as well as modern medicines and preparations to heal and uplift.

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Here at Four Winds we put great love and care into growing plants and dispersing them around the Earth.  Although this store is young we have been growing and making available for sale sacred live plants for six years.  Most sales were wholesale but also to anyone who asked.  We have always felt that this endeavor does a part to preserve not just the species from extinction but also the knowledge and medicine veiled within.  Having this website allows us to spread more of our live plants while also providing high quality organic herbs and extracts and other unique treasures which have all been known to uplift the body, mind, or spirit allowing us humans to live a more fulfilling life.

Some plants we offer are Kratom, Salvia, Caapi, Calea, Sinicuichi, Amanita, White and Blue Lotuses, Woodrose, Wild Dagga, Shilajit, Hemp nuts, Yohimbe, Palo Santo, Copal and many more.  Some are offered as live plants in addition to dry herbs, extracts, and seeds.

By browsing our site you will find many interesting herbs and extracts from medicinals to entheogens.  We recommend that if you come across any products you are unfamiliar with that you read our short description and if it sounds interesting do some more research.  It has been a wonderful hobby to constantly learn about new botanicals and eventually grow and experience them.  We are confident you will make your way back to Four Winds when you decide to obtain the herb because our prices are kept so low for top quality organic products.  Many of the herbs we offer have been grown on farms outside of their native land such as in the US, Dominican Republic, and Indonesia.  This assures top quality and that the native population and environment of the plant is not harmed.  The only wild plants we offer have been wildcrafted from their natural areas in a way that does not disturb the plant population or its environment.  It is very important to us to be mindful about where our products originate from, who harvests them, and how.  Indeed some herbs we offer are abundant in nature and as long as safe guidelines for harvesting are followed they can be wildcrafted with no negative effects.

Please browse our store with the menu bar on the upper left.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in email:

If you don’t see something you are looking for please ask us. We are constantly expanding and we often have herbs and extracts that we are trying out or recently received and are not yet on the site.  We can also obtain almost any kind of herb or plant so if you don’t see it here it is possible we could get it for you quickly.  We encourage these kind of enquiries!

At Four Winds Medicinals we are most concerned with having the best product than having the least expensive, but if it turns out that a product offered on another site is comparable in quality to ours and is the same price or lower, we will gladly sell the item for less.  All you have to do is let us know in email.  Please keep in mind that there is a huge difference between a 5X enhanced product and a potent resin or crystalline extract that contains much more actives per weight, has no whole herb mixed back in, and is often concentrated 50-75 times from the starting material.  There is also an obvious difference between plants from small stem cuttings and well established plants with thick stems and many leaves.  For pricing questions and quality enquiries, email us.